Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day one without the One

I'm having trouble with the fact that,
slightly more than 48 hours ago,
there was a lovely, lively, sweet, intelligent, girl.
Just short of ten years my junior.
Who loved me like I've never been loved before.
Now she's gone where I can't follow, however much I want to.
I have our son to live for.
I had to attend appointments that I had expected to drive her to. I just usually have to be the strong, supportive, silent type. I had to support the baby, and be strong.

take a knife.
make it jagged and dull.
heat it bright red.
then plunge it into a randomly selected part of the anatomy.

That would feel better than how I expect I'll feel throughout most of May.


Matt G said...

I'm so sorry, John.

You are living, and you are still loving. Don't stop doing that. Each act is dependent upon the other.

You have now the ultimate reason to do both.

But I'm so sorry for your pain.

John B said...

thanks Matt, I live for my son.