Thursday, August 12, 2010

my poodle shooter!

Those who tuned in to previous episodes know, that I ordered the Plum Crazy lower from London Bridge Firearms in Lake Havasu Arizona. I took delivery of an upper from some nice people on Gunbroker. and below are the splendid results...
You can see in this second shot that I sprung for a second lower, I'm going to add another 9mm carbine to my arsenal. since they aren't that spendy, I might grab a couple more, build an original AR-15 style minus the forward assist and the brass bump.
God I love this plastic receiver. Now it IS a Mattel toy!!!
now if I could shave a pound or two off the upper, I'd be lovin life.

Coyote hunting up north to break this in......

And the nice Mr. Pearse at London Bridge Arms didn't even charge me extra for consecutively numbered receivers...

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