Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ewwww ICK!

My sister Susan came to visit. She went in for the Lap-Band surgery to lose weight. To get enough nutrition in the admissible space, she supplements with Atkins Protein Shakes. She left a couple behind rather than deal w/TSA. Tonight I was feeling massively peckish. I tried one. Nice to know that diet food manufacturers still make Torquemada appear warm, fuzzy, and cuddly by comparison.

My mom tried The Cambridge Diet back in the late 70's when it were the latest rage. A doctor on my paper route said, "Anyone using that stuff, deserves to lose weight." They had sent him a couple of cases, and he tried it out, and gave it away as fast as he could.

Sometimes I wished I'd scored the waiver when I was 27 so I could go to army doctor school. People just hunt you down and send you stuff when you have an MD after your name.

And sometimes it tastes like shit.

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