Friday, August 27, 2010

late night at the movies!

some nights, I just can't sleep. I just want something to calm my raging mind. Following Nicholas Cage as an arms dealer named Yuri Orlov in Lord of War, was just the ticket. I lost sympathy for Interpol agent Jack Valentine played by Ethan Hawke when he tried to use the wife as a tool to advance his cause, a dirty cop is a dirty cop, if you can rationalize playing dirty once to advance your cause, then you're no better than the people your opposed to and they win. Even if you wipe them off the face of the Earth, they win.

I had an ideological argument with Matt G of Better and Better. Over the issue of Constitutional Liberty, and the Ground Zero Mosque. I felt that the total lack of class on the part of the certainly terrorist sponsored mosque builders, and their intent to build a mosque on the ground where their co-religionists had murdered so many showed a lack of respect for our rights, and our ways. We should deal with them savagely, ruthlessly, and total lack of respect for their lives.

We can't however deny them rights. It applies to everyone, or it's meaningless. I learned that from an old Star Trek episode.

Pity neither the Muslims, or the Democrats, never saw that episode.
The Democrats will say Bush did it first.
Actually Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus, during the Civil War.
I'm sure both Lincoln and Bush actually thought long and hard on the subject of usurping civil liberties and the constitution. And bitterly regretted the necessity.
I'm equally sure that Obama's staff and fellow travelers didn't trouble themselves with any pangs of conscience. After all, we're not even human to them. We're just a bunch of bitter, clingy, cousin humping rednecks, that shouldn't have those rights. That pesky constitution just clutters up the playing field. If they could just have that hung in the toilet paper rack where they want it to be, they could get on with the business with ruling us as their God, Lenin, and his prophet, Ayers, say is the way things should be.

I may go all Claire Wolfe on them yet!
But I'll make sure I don't violate their constitutional rights when I do!

I know, let's sell the Democrats toilet paper, with the constitution and all the amendments printed on it. They always seem to want to wipe their ass with our rights. I only want them to be happy!

At least until I can get Fish & Wildlife to open season on them....

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