Friday, April 15, 2011

Dragon Leatherworks

In honor of Today being "Buy a Gun Day!"
I had a fit of "Me-Too-Ism", from all the Dragon Leatherworks blog entries 3 months back.

Being me, I had one made for the Smith and Wesson 457 .45 ACP.
It gave Dennis Badurina a bit of a pause, as he had to research exactly what the 457, 1076 family of pistols evolved from. The 4006 yielded him a 'blue gun' that he could use to mold the leather for fit. He says it's essentially a Glock styling. In rough strokes yes, in the real world I've almost had to use a hydraulic mini jaws to get my gun back from a Safariland Police Holster made for a Glock.

I am feeling gnarly from the current rain, or I'd be hanging from the trapeze, trying to test retention. I hope the angle is okay. The last person who tried to test retention against a snatch from a holster I was wearing, wont play with me any more. I did react a little roughly. Sort of like Randy Orton. Gotta love a guy that got thrown outa the Marines for fighting. That's like being thrown out of a porn for... Well y'know.

Here's the Fat Bastard in all my sartorial glory, with my new holster. That's a T-Shirt Hell T-Shirt by the way. Note to self: Wear gloves for the next workout.
Here's a close-up, Anyone know of a S&W 1076 for sale?
I don't know if I'm a Recoil Whore, or a Pain Slut!
Who's for Starbuck's! I'm buying!

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