Sunday, April 24, 2011

live well with less

I was going to say that all the things society believes you should have, are all shackles, or downright albatrosses. A spendy house compels you to spend time in a job you hate, making money to pay for a house that's more house than you need. I myself lived very well in corporate Seattle, out of a 1980 Toyota Dolphin, a 'house' I could park almost anywhere. My boss actually loved the fact that I was invariably on-site in the off hours. It was an artificial freedom though, I still had enormous amounts of stuff in my parent's house in Spokane. I expect the most free I ever was, was in late September of 1989 when I came home, and found that my house had burned down to the foundation due to a gas explosion. In hindsight I had been handed ultimate freedom. I could have taken my few possessions, climbed into my car, and went wherever I desired.

I instead opted to act like a victim of a great tragedy, gratefully accepted all donations of stuff. Now perched upon the precipice of my 50th year, I am surrounded by clutter. I'm laboring to de-clutter my life. One computer, all the others donated to good causes. My electronics pared down to what I can support.

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