Thursday, April 28, 2011

Karmic Retribution

I just spent the morning snarling at someone I treasure as a friend.
I love him dearly, but deplore his political choices.
It's got to the point where we're both saying to each other.
"I can't believe you are so stupid as to believe in the -party-.
You're so intelligent otherwise."

I decided to spend the rest of the day studying Morse code, and improve my 'fist'.
I have over a dozen keys, close to two dozen if you count the cheesy radio shack electronic kit keys. I couldn't find any of them. After a couple of hours I throw up my hands, and go to the junk pile. After a third hour of messing around, I have a 1x4 with screws, springs, a brass drawer knob that when I press against the pressure of pen springs, I make a nice contact that sounds like a credible 'dit or dah' on my code oscillator.

I then go to get a permanent cord to attach to my newly made key.
I open the old breadbox that contains most of my 1/4 plug equipped cords.
You can see this punchline coming like a bulldozer.
There inside the cabinet, is a line of THREE keys, good middle of the road keys.
Staring at me.

If that doesn't call for a double Bushmills, I don't know what does!
To be honest about doing my gig, I'll tap out "Bushmills triple distilled" on my new oscillator set up.

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