Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear to me!

I have become a man quite different than the man envisualized by my 20-something year old self. If you had told him, I'd enjoy a cigar and brandy, he'd have been mildly surprised.

If you would have told him I'd be politically active, he'd have been shocked.
If you told him, I am now the sort who calls people 'Dear' regardless of gender, he'd have gotten red in the face and screamed that No Way would he ever have become such a faggoty phony.
...and he'd have been quite proud of the disparate 'f-sounding words' he'd just merged.

It's easier to heal than to hurt nowadays.
It's easier to quietly remonstrate with politicians to do the right thing.
It's easier to be gentle than evil.

Of Course, If you mess with me in traffic, I'll have your ass!

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crash burn said...

I don't know, John.
I remember that 20-something kid.
How he'd enjoy the simple pleasure of leaning on the tailgate of his pickup, enjoying an ice cold bottle of coca-cola, that they don't make anymore.

I don't think you've been unduly influenced by the teachings of John Halcyon Styn, he's just tapped a resonance in you conscious subconscious mind. I remember when you first told me of this guy. An up front exhibitionist and evangelist for the feel good, do good, movement. How you'd encountered him quite by accident when you were promoting College Club. If you judged by initial appearances, you'd have dismissed this young man out of hand. Instead, you watched as this young man, by his thoughts, feelings and actions, shaped the burgeoning World Wide Web. Reshaping the consciousness of a generation. Their very thought processes altered by an idealistic viewpoint. Too early in the morning for such a vast, or half-vast rumination...