Monday, April 25, 2011

Liberals want civil discourse!

Has it occurred to you that since the beginning of Dubya's term in office, you've all been acting like a bunch of four year olds told to eat your vegetables.

Now you want civil discourse.
Two of you chanted 'Obama Obama Obama' into my face.
I suggested that mindless adoration might be better spent on the ghost of Elvis.
not on a Senator that voted 'present' on everything.
Besides they sounded like the Japanese villians on Starblazers.
Both of these people decided that I wasn't suitable for continued friendship.
I failed to prostrate myself before the awesome majesty of our first half black, half American, President.

Now when their arguments are seen for the specious crap that they are,
They want Civil Discourse.
The fact that they are still drawing breath, when they would so easily have me killed for disagreeing with them, for refusing to acknowledge Barak Hussein Obama as the Saviour of all right -well left actually- thinking people.

Since you couldn't be bothered to play nice when you thought you had the upper hand.

Shut the fuck up, and take the beating you got coming to you!
My 'civil discourse' is likely to knock your lying teeth down your lying throat!

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