Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm in trouble again

I got a call from a pal in the ATF.

It seems I've been implicated with the intent of murdering a relative of my girlfriend's.

She appears every 28 days or so, interferes maliciously, diabolically, in our relationship, and poisons Elizabeth's mind against me. She even incites her to violence against me.

I can't deny it, Life would be much easier if Elizabeth's Aunt Flow would just leave us alone.

A few hours later the -female- ATF office director called to apologize for letting the joke get out of hand.

For the guy who still don't get it, Aunt Flow visits almost every adult woman at semi regular monthly intervals. She makes her 'neices' very annoyed.
Aunt Flow is the euphemism for the menstrual cycle.


crash burn said...

seriously dude, I liked you better when you were a man-whore!

I had a sig-o who was besieged by her "Aunt Flow" every 27 days. It meant that five of those days I got a blow job six times a day.

Of course the downside was I had to reciprocate as soon as she was 'clean'.

John B said...

Jeff ol' stud, what you forgot to mention is the fact that when she found out what six blow jobs a day would gain her, she dropped you, and followed the money.