Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Obama thinks He's Reagan?

He might be!

We will never know if Ronald Reagan knew about 'Contragate'. Colonel Oliver North threw himself under the bus to spare us that knowledge. So we don't know if Reagan sold guns for drugs. It doesn't matter, he should have been impeached before congress when the matter came out. Personally I feel that if it had been carried out without his knowledge, that would be worse than if he were complicit.

That said what's your feeling on Obama and ATF project Gunrunner?

I have heard some saying that this might be the end for the ATF.
If it comes down to a federal agency, gainfully employing (debatably) 5000 people,
and the salvagable careers of three political hacks.
Holder, Emmanuel, Napolitano
Well, Hell, dude was destroying America to begin with!
What's one rogue federal agency more or less.
They should have disbanded during the Reagan Administration!

And if you MUST have FFLs, bring the cost down to reasonable!

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