Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary

A year ago yesterday, I was an incipient Husband, and a de-facto Father.
A year ago today I became a widower,
A week after that, her relatives demanded the Child Protective Services deprive me of my son.
I still keenly miss Denice. In retrospect, I think I, and she, would have troubles with my inlaws.

Sometime today, I'll leave flowers on her grave.

UPDATE: Left a small artificial spray of yellow roses, -her favorite- at the gravesite.

Denice Elaine Potter
Born September 7th 1971 - Passed May 3rd 2010
Don't be fooled by the Red Haired girl that I'm seen with.
I didn't replace you.
You will always have an irreplaceable place in my heart!

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