Wednesday, May 11, 2011

for me most modern movies suck - some that don't.

the Matrix, I'd have endured the theatre for this. Part 2 and 3, not at all.

Star Trek, I DID endure the theatre for this, Denice wanted a movie experience. I think JJ Abrams should be punished for his hubris, by having to knock off about 3 or 4 seasons of episodes.

Boondock Saints 2, Seen at the local fringe theatre. Loved it! Hope Troy Duffy gets in 4 more sequels before his underwear models get too old.

Atlas Shrugged. Aint gonna plunk my 400 pound ass into the bitey pants chairs and risk losing prescription sunglasses, or a good pocketknife over this turkey. If someone wanted to bring the story into the present day, and tell it like it should have been told to begin with. With all due respect -See Boondock Saints 2 - Ayn Rand had great story ideas, but no sense of how to entertain her audience.

I'll wait for the box set! Perhaps with a good nude scene.

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