Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my first -outside- playhouse

I remember we had some interesting coffee tables in our house. Dad was aiming for something on the sturdier side of a tv tray. By coincidence, a wool blanket thrown over one of these made for a perfect fort. Dad taught me early on that a flash light could be made by a bulb, 2 batteries, and a wire combined with a toilet paper tube. he did this to address concerns that Mother had about the fascination I had with house current.

Mom didn't want us cooped up inside all the time. Now most people don't dare let their kids run loose.

The neighbor girls and I decided that Dad's towing trailer was the ideal playhouse. Built from the carrying bed of an ancient plymouth pickup, there was room for 8 kids to sit on the sides and play games, and tell stories. From my 4th birthday until my 9th, the trailer served as a foundation for endless games, backyard campouts, and just plain fun with friends.

Is it any wonder I yearn for a sparse, mobile lifestyle?

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