Saturday, May 21, 2011

More More More! How d'ya like it? How d'ya like it?

I don't!

I own at last count, a dozen computers, 7 TV sets, a SHIT TON of various recorded media.
I think I'd be happier, if I got my books at the library, returned them when done! I have what a half dozen computers that are current. I think that the arcade game, and the video game, would be happier with someone who'd cherish them. One Laptop, and maybe one cell phone, methinks the cell phone benefits others more than I.

My X-Step program to true freedom.

1. Admit that I have a problem. And it is bigger than Me.

2. Establish the order of importance in getting stuff done.

3. Fix the Toyota Pickup!

4. Build a camper to fit the 3/4 ton Dodge pickup!
Secure enough to store tools!
This will become the first cabin!

5. find my land to build upon!

6. leave construction shack on site, and use truck to bring in necessary building materials.

Build second 8'X12' or 12'x12' cabin
-- to be continued --

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