Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dog the Maiden in Distress

Dog! Baby! Say it isn't so! I'm very disappointed in my role model. In 1984 I tried my hand at bounty hunting for, oh about 6-7 months. Just long enough to become visible and recognized locally. And a even chance at getting shot on away missions. Some five years ago, or slightly less, I saw this silly show on A&E. Christ! This guy is what I might have become, had I stayed in. I had a better chance of becoming a bullet-ridden corpse. One of the rough types who stays on my good side in case he needs his bike worked on, didn't think Dog was so tough. "Y'never see him go after murderers, just druggies!!!" I pointed out that at his current schedule, the A&E camera crews got clobbered about 3-4 times a season... Plus aint no murderers gonna get the op to run. I got 1/2 to 1 million on your ass, I'd have you locked in my safe! I'd have a dozen GPS transponders surgically implanted in you.

I mean would YOU write a bond on "Legs Michener, five time Boston Marathon winner and serial killer", who'll get the needle for sure if he doesn't get off in court? I wouldn't, and I have a weakness for trying to fill inside straights.

But anyway, my favorite Paragon of Justice and the American Way, is under public indictment for saying the "N-Word" and then his least son sells him out to the the national inquirer. This brought in Roy Innis and the Rev. Al Sharpton. That vaunted crimefighting duo who have made it their mission to stamp out any use of "The N-Word" by white people, black people who make rap records and comedy shows have free license to beat "That Word" to death. Other than this they seem to lead the same lives as fictional millionaire Bruce Wayne.......

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