Friday, November 9, 2007

I wanna Burn Down the World

That is my official song title, and any body who messes with my copywrite will face my inner arsonist. Hey, it's under control, if I could keep my cool during the entire Clinton administration, then the world is safe. I went and got a Doan fire starter cos my usual one makes folks nervous. First I clear a couple acres, then I make a small baby fire and nurture it until it can eat 3 inch logs. Then I and my minions haul in every scrap of dead wood in the woods. Our intimate little weekend campfires can be seen from space. My fire starter is an old bit of tubing from a magnesium bike (or a chunk of mag wheel) with a largeish file for the steel, I have a chunk of flint a little smaller than an apple. I keep a small altoids box with a 1/2 oz bottle of kerosene and assorted bits of tinder if the woods are damp. If they are we'll dry 'em out pretty quick. I run a real bad ass hunting camp. Last time an Elk Buck and seven Does bedded down on the side of our bonfire opposite us. Of course we were hunting bear and had no elk tags. I still wonder how they knew that?

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