Thursday, November 1, 2007

Won my Keys

I'll be re-keying locks like nobody's business. Both Schlage and Kwikset keys are in the lot. I'm mulling whether to ask if the guy wants to sell the 8 back issues of Locksmith Ledger, and 800+ key blanks that no one bid upon.

In other news, My former roomie gifted me with a camera phone, then had to take it back, when someone swiped hers. No real prob, except that someone then swiped that one too, including the charger. Damn beast uses an exclusive Motorola wall wart and it won't accept anything else as a charger. Gives a "UNAUTHORIZED CHARGER" like I was trying to shove a '67' Dodge up it's mini usb port. Never did get the charger back. Now have to hunt for a charger. Guess if I ever see these guys at the thrift store, I'll grab any and all of them. Of course, the staff will grab up the best goodies first. I did when I worked the poverty pimpin' scam......

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