Sunday, January 25, 2009

.505 Gibbs

"What do you NEED something like that for?" Usually that phrase can close a sale with me quicker than anything. I actually wanted something a little more modern than my .54 Muzzleloading Mutant to confront the odd Cougar or Grizzly. Plus about 15 years back I read a Soldier of Fortune review of a .505 Gibbs hunt in Africa. My usual plan of attack with Grizzly is to have a 12 gauge pump loaded with magnum slugs in case the .54 didn't down him. Happened once with a .50. I still piss myself whenever I remember that hunt. Sort of like in Jeremiah Johnson Will Geer leading that "Griz" live and pissed off, into the cabin for Robert Redford to cope with. Plus as I'm getting prematurely old and frail, I want to settle wildlife issues with more certainty. Less recoil is nice, but not indispensable.

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