Tuesday, January 20, 2009

House of Outrageous

In a younger life, I went by the name JP Outrageous. JP for my first and middle name. Outrageous for the fact that I was in a contest to out do the events of the prior day. When stiffed at a biker kegger, I simply confiscated the keg. By an odd coincidence, the bike of the perpetrator of the stiffing, was found 30 miles away covered in silly string, and condoms.

I admit nothing.

But the blog entry from Brigid. on names caused my mind to drift.

When I was Outrageous, I lived in Castle Outrageous. A pretentious name for the house I grew up in. Striking out on my own, I bought an RV, that I dubbed Stately Outrageous Manor.

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Brigid said...

Stately outrageous manor. That cracked me up.