Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well Shit! I guess She'll Live!

My Roomie that is...

About 5:30 in the A-fucking-M she grabs my cell phone, offers to take it in to the charger in the bathroom. Instead of just sitting it in the cup and plugging the charger in, she elects to try to plug it in in her hand.

You guessed it! Straight into the toilet.

My initial instincts warred with each other. My id told me that if I strangled her now, I could claim heat of the moment - crime of passion...
My inner rescuer told me that, if I just dissembled the phone and let it dry out, I could save it.
The phone is back together, and working fine. May have to replace a couple of battery packs. Knew that a week ago!

I guess since I told the InTarWeb my hopes of strangling her, I'd be hard pressed to pass it off as an accident now. Besides, I'm exploring the possibility of buying an insurance policy on her...

Spoke too soon, the phone is dead, If I lose any numbers, she WILL die!

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