Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fat Lazy and Dignified

Too many things are beneath my dignity now a days. Sadly I have to do them, because they are beneath the dignity of a minimum wage worker. Sheesh, I was the guy who'd do anything for a buck. Chopping wood, construction clean-up, hell I even ran a day care center. You can't get kids to do anything anymore. That's a bad generalization. I have access to a small cadre of neighborhood kids who will be very rich by summer's end. 'Cos I'll be putting them in touch with people who need yard work, other work, and can pay.

But by and large, most of these kids want to be paid prevailing wage, for a job they have no intention of doing. Get real Brats! Microsoft is gonna lay off 5,000 in the next year. I can get Phone Jockeys who have developer creds in office software. I'm not going to over pay for underqualified staff. I am living on Medicare and Medicaid, and I am more prepared and able to work than 97 percent of the population.

I'm one of that Baby Boomer Demographic. The people who were born between 1945 and 1965. The people who contributed the most to that Ponzi style pyramid scheme known as Social Security. The people who's requirements for medical care will break the already broken system.

I am fighting to get out of bed every morning, I'm 46 and until I get some sun I'll feel 86ed.

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