Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CVA/Bradley MUTANT in .54 Caliber

A Scary thing, but mine own. I got the barrel off Ebay back when they still allowed the auction of such. It's a CVA Hawken. The stock is a CVA bobcat. I had to convert the barrel from flint to cap lock. It was a total labor of love though. I can pour a goodly quantity of Pyrodex, and fire a slug the size of a AA battery capable of dropping a moose, or grizzly bear. I have molds I have cast from carved wood models. After several rounds of trial and error, I can now brag molds that go from 250, 300, 400, 450, and 500 grain weights of bullets. I someday wish to sit and cast 10 pounds of soft lead into bullets. Right now I consider myself lucky to have a pound or so of wheel weight metal bullets. I also keep a few slightly tapered slugs the actual size of AA batteries. They fit nicely in a .410 carrier, and allow me to have the option of reasonable defense against Christine the Car, or any other of the automotive denizens inhabiting Stephen King's mind. I have in mind the Joker Masked Semi from Maximum Overdrive. He should have known better than to challenge the smooth ape for global supremacy.

OK! Not that smooth in my case.....


melodie said...

Frankly speaking, which are the good aa lithum battery brands that you would recommend? Sony?

John B said...

I haven't much messed around with the lithium batteries extensively. Not with the new alkaline one whupping on D-cells for amp hour capability. Looking around the house, I only have some energizer lithium AA cells.

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