Saturday, January 10, 2009

Idiot Please!

The tired old saw, "If you shot someone with a .25, and they found out about it, nauseum", still manages to nauseate me.

Look Sparky! If you are credulous of all those stupid stories about someone being shot with a .25, and not being seriously affected by it, by all means, go to the 50 foot target spot of the range and MOON me!

In my personal experience, the .25 falls between the .22 short, and the .22long rifle round, and it's reason for existing is that John Moses Browning, -May his Tribe Increase- was having a temporary problem making the .22LR extract in pocket pistols.

I have profited from this mistaken belief, I used to have a dozen Raven .25 pocket pistols. I've seen blued or black painted ones in the store, but the only ones I've ever seen in the used market are all of the Chromed or Nickel Plated style. Usually I got these for between ten or twenty five dollars. I got two given to me because the firing pin was broken off at the striker, and, "The .25 isn't an effective round anyway." A brass firing pin is easy to turn in a drill. Fifteen minutes max, using the old striker as a guide. Then I'm busting 4X4 boards with that "un-effective" pistol.

I think My Dad still has a Raven. Only because it was Grandpa's I either sold all mine, or gave them away. I wish I'd kept a couple.

My complaint regarding .25 ACP is as follows, A Box of .25 cal cost the same as .357 or .45. Shop around, and you can usually score a mouse gun in .22LR. Shop around some more, and you have 1000 rounds of .22LR for the price of a box of 50 .25s.

I prefer my .22LR in a ruger pistol. Just because I'm bored, and the Roomie from Hell left, I'm gonna try to make myself a pocket pistol in brass or steel. I'll start in .32 and work my way down to .22 short. If our President Elect tries to mess with the second amendment, I'll put a pocket pistol in everyone's Christmas stocking next year. If I could make rough castings from pop cans, I could make 1000, and get a Manufacturing FFL. If I make more than 5 or 6, BATFE will want to have a no-longer-friendly chat with me. I could make rifles until the second coming, and just engrave my name, address, and a serial number on them, and That's OK! but I start making pistols, and someone's gonna come looking for me.

I'm sure the Dave Gingery workshop series wasn't made with my yearnings in mind...

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