Thursday, January 15, 2009

Goals for the 21st Century!

What is it about me! Women take one look at my happy fat ass, and peg me for a shiftless slacker. They seem to be massively concerned over my apparent lack of goals. I asserted that I indeed had goals.

  1. Own a really ugly truck.
  2. Have a totally loyal dog
  3. Be able to write the entire Gettysburg Address in the snow.

Now that I have had several ugly trucks, and a 1967 International Harvester Pickup that was sublimely beautiful. Several Dogs that should have had their own chronicles. And Since I decided I didn't have to write the whole damn thing at once, completed goal #3. Now I have new goals inspired by the Obama Administration.

  1. Win the lottery!
  2. Buy the entire two shelves of pistols at Joe's Sports (27 guns)

I probably will buy a few litters of puppies, and maybe a few strays from Spokanimal too!

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