Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Atlas Snarked!

I remember when I first read Atlas Shrugged, back in the Clinton error. Satanically Possessed assholes trying to take my guns, and force me into labor camps, where I'd be forced to work in order to provide, luxuries for a leisure class that my descendants would regard as a food source.

No wait!
That was HG Wells, Time Machine.

HG Wells said it earlier and better.
Sorry Ms. Rand! I hope you were the sexual psycho goddess that legend says you were.
I only invoke your name nowadays to see which class of idiot I'm dealing with.
The left wing slobbering do-nothing, who actually sees you as Satan despite their -and your- atheism.
The right wing slobbering do-nothing, who sees you as the savior of the upper working class.

Frankly darling, I wish I could have known you for about a month.
Even if you were the precursor of Jenna Jameson, I'd have tired of your politics in about that time. Sadly I agree with everything you say. But if I wanted my wrist broken by a book, I'll grab Tom Clancy. He gives a better read!

In other news, my new love thinks I'm a racist!
Thank you for that Barack Obama!

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