Friday, February 4, 2011

Yamaha! or even Calgon! Take me Away!!!

JayG will probably disown me as a fellow biker forever!

In the early 70's as a small one.
This song, sung to the tune of Mark Lindsay's "Silver Bird",
Made me into a biker!

Get aboard the Silver Bird,
It's a magical machine.
Satisfy your Walter Mitty mind,
tryin' out a dream.
Your sign is Capricorn and
every corner of your mind
says you'll remain my friend,
a friend for all my time.
Yamaha, won't you fly me away,
Yamaha, take me into the day,
Yamaha, come and give me a ride
and let us go see
what's on the other side.
Yamaha, won't you fly me away.
Yamaha, today is the day.
I seem to remember part of it as:
Yamaha, won't you fly me away
Today is the day, don't look the other way
Yamaha, today is the day!

I felt I needed to give you a break from the battle between those who would make two different kinds of world.....
I mean the Harley Davidson purists you can actually work with....

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