Saturday, February 12, 2011

rules for being an American!

In the light of Christina Aguilera butchering the National Anthem in front of a record Super Bowl crowd. I guess someone should come along and make up a set of mannerly codes of conduct for being an American.

There is an old joke about the difference between dogs and cats.

The Dog thinks...
You Feed me,
You put a roof over my head,
You love me with every word and gesture...
You must be GOD!

The Cat thinks...
You Feed me,
You put a roof over my head,
You love me with every word and gesture...
I must be GOD!

Too many people in this country think they are entitled to an endless free lunch.

American made rules and laws for the betterment of all.
Some I do not agree with.
The rule that all children be educated at the tax payers expense until their 18th birthday. This system has been hijacked by elitist pukes, who poison our children's minds against parents, country, honor, duty, decency.

America gives you a chance to grow to adulthood without being forced to labor for the affluent.

America gives you a free education, and sometimes it actually might be worth what the tax payers pay for it.

America gives you the chance to work your way out of poverty.

Don't you think you owe America a little loyalty, a little love?

Volunteer for the military, it strengthens you, it strengthens the country, and you are exposed to more opportunities.

Vote out corrupt America - Hating - Liberals. End the free lunch.

And If you think you have a right to hate America for all you perceive wrong in the world, think whether you would have the right to hate Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Russia, China, Korea, if you happened to live there.

But even if you can't do that much...
Learn to sing your National Anthem.
The song plays on old airwave TV stations during a ritual called Sign-off.
Google the lyrics, play the song on
Maybe you'll find us folks in flyover country aren't as bitter as you were told.

Next week we'll talk about the Pledge of Allegiance.

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KurtP said...

They wouldn't be f*cking it up so much if they weren't trying to "make it theirs".

I didn't see the first part of the game, but I turned it off after I toobed it because of all that extra vocalization.