Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Tech Tip

I have been slowly, reluctantly, and with some grumpiness, embracing the CR2 and CR123 batteries as viable power sources.

Apparently these are what makes the Streamlight the 'Tactical' Flashlight".

Well I have some test strip containers from an old Glucolab Glucose Test Meter.
These carry a 123 battery nicely, to have a replacement handy.
I decided to bring a friend into the 21st century.
I have a test strip case with holes drilled axially, (In the bottom, and in the top), when I feed wires into this, and springs from an old ball point retractable pen, It makes a splendid case for this battery.

I put a cheap clamp on one side, and a ring on the other. The wristband mounted case connects to one side of a tattoo machine, and the ring makes contact with the barrel tip, eliminating the need for a foot pedal.

He loves it! now he wants to use it with a lighter machine, plastic, rotary, and I guess I'll have to route the wires to a membrane switch on the barrel of this new machine....

I should charge more.

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