Wednesday, February 2, 2011

overheard in a tattoo shop!

Big Burly Tattoo Guy; Did we learn anything? (patting gagging guy on back)

Gagging Guy; Uh (gag) Don't drink water?
BBTG: No! Don't drink water that isn't yours!

I spotted a bottle of water spilled on the floor. Picking it up, I read a label, "After Care, Do not Drink!" I smell a slight smell, Sniffing the mouth of the bottle I smell WHITE VINEGAR!

ME (to BBTG): You Sonofabitch!

BBTG: Apparently regular water with a spoon of Kosher or Sea Salt didn't deter these guys.

(I had drifted in to get a bottle of ink for my new love's tattoos.)

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