Monday, February 7, 2011

A break from my fight.

I decided to kick back, and build a few electronics projects. I have a few dozen magazines dating back to the late 30s. And some of the projects in the magazines just after WWII, if we had kept up the level of technological expectation, we'd be in the asteroid belt now. Possibly in pieces.

Also, most people compare sizes to a pack of cigarettes. and most of these articles state how you can "Build this project inside a cigar box". I guess Big Tobacco was working their evil cornspiricy for all they were worth.

My projects list includes...

General coverage Receiver. I'm using a tattoo shop power supply, and a Rockman guitar amplifier. All I really gotta do is wire up the pre-amplifier, and the tuning stage.

A Lawn Mower Magneto "Model T Spark Coil Box". The toughest part for me is the dovetailed wooden case. This guy I know, used to slobber on and on about Model T Spark coil boxes. I never seen a loose Spark Coil Box, and I'll bet serious money that he probably never did either.

But it's a handy gadget for prototyping one cylinder gas engines. After you get things the way you want, you can then build a light spark coil assembly out of a castoff Mit-sue-bitchy coil.

Just the thing for that 5 foot long R/C plane, or UAV gadget that you have been itching to build since StarGate.

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