Monday, February 7, 2011

The truth will out!

Joan Peterson over on her smelly blog has finally announced her intention to maraud the country side with her gun-grabbing posse.

Actually I recognize irony, even when it is incompetently delivered.

But she did hare off into the standard rant regarding .50bmg rifles.
"they're too big for any game, they're not a game rifle"
The game might become Bullets and Ballots.
Acutally Carlos Hathcock considered them pretty good for Viet Cong at ranges of over a mile.

While I can't imagine why I'd want to use a 21 pound rifle for water buffalo, or similar sized game, when there's a perfectly good 11 pound .505 Gibbs handy...

I deeply resent a know-nothing trying to make my choices for me.
sort of like a chain smoker trying to get me to pay for their health insurance.

Honey, I know it hurts your feelings, but you don't get to sort through my gun collection, and decide which I get to keep, and which I must surrender without just compensation.

Despite all your protests to the contrary, you really are determined to confiscate some of my collection, and come back at a later date for what you missed previously.

Frankly, you and your cronies are a bunch of thieves. Or you would be if you had some courage. Lacking that. You dance in the blood of shooting victims, and demand that the government do your stealing for you. Since you don't have the courage to try and take what is mine your own damn self.

Eat Shit Lead Spaghetti-O's and DIE.

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