Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why the Left annoys me so much!

I made the mistake of commenting over on Joan Peterson's anti-gun blog.

She finds my politics offensive. Silly woman doesn't know fertilizer 'bout my political stance except in one single issue. I even tried to help her understand that every time the anti gunners win a skirmish, (ie, the Assault Weapons Ban) they get their heads handed to them the next election. Sarah Brady has done more for NRA membership, than Wayne LaPierre ever could dream of doing.

Some of my politics are.

I do the Susan G Komen 3-Day Race for the cure! I joke about this being 'cos I'm a guy and into tits in a big way, but frankly this is necessary that we conquer this scourge that is taking so many wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and the occasional transsexual! (Joan is more in danger from breast cancer, than gun violence.)

Habitat for Humanity, Jimmy Carter has done more for H4H than he ever accomplished as President. You can't blame him for his presidency, between his family trying to out cute each other as they grabbed the spotlight, and an obstructive congress, he's lucky to have accomplished anything at all. I have had the privilege of being on 7 builds. Strange thing is, I've run into the same homeless family on 3 of those builds.

I have supported unions in the past, only to find that I made an excellent traction mat for the SEIU bus. Unions are Communism and Organized Crime pretending to be Organized Labor.

My politics are the same as any bleeding heart liberal, but if I help someone out, they better stay helped out. The Education System is broken beyond repair. I once read a Californian say that he'd support, paying the current crop of teachers, and administrators...
...On the condition they never went near a child again. The remainder of the money, he'd buy some downtown space, and have the do-ers teach the kids.

I think the kids should get educated rather than indoctrinated.
I think adults should too.

Gun control people are the same types who used to orchestrate witch hunts in previous centuries. A preacher or politician, makes an improper advance on a spinster woman who isn't bothering anyone. she turns him down. He has her burned as a witch.

The politics of gun control, are not any different. Jealous of the confidence that a gun owner faces an uncertain world, they aim to strip them of that confidence.

When a cow turns sickly, or a person gets shot by a lunatic, the fanatic witch-hunters swing into action. They claim they bear us no personal malice. That claim is laughably false. They know criminals are defined as criminals by the fact they disregard laws. So any law making only affects the law-abiding.

Either we obey the laws they influence our elected officials to pass under a geis of fear and misdirection...

Or we become criminals, and they suddenly press to have the full weight of the law brought down on us. Something they never require done to real criminals.

The total fallacy of witch hunters, and gun control advocates is that if the crimes they accused their victims of were true, these people would never be victimized to begin with.

If the witch hunters' victims really were witches....

or if the gun control advocates claims against innocent gun owners were true.

The persecutors would be dead, and their quarry would be cleaning their gun, or magic wand!

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