Thursday, September 16, 2010

advice continued

A friend published advice to a bi/gay young man on his blog.

I just had an opportunity to defuse a not-so-domestic violence situation.

To the young man; You do NOT have the right to attack, and attempt murder upon the person of your former lover simply because SHE wasn't who and what you expected 'her' to be. On the bright side, you are now justified in using the "Crocodile Dundee Gender Test" on your next dozen dates. Gently!

To the young 'lady'; To swipe a phrase from Dr Phil, What the F**K were you thinking? To be playing with a guys amatory emotions like that. While I can't condone violent murder, Cos you turned out to be a GUY, I CAN understand the impulse. The fact that he was wanting some 'pussy' was totally apparent to you, and you knew that he would be angry when it turned out you didn't have one.

Myself, I would have sued you under the truth in advertising laws.
You both better be glad this didn't make the Mainstream news.


Gay_Cynic said...

Think you hit this one fairly dead on...

1) Such events merit verbal abuse and rapid departure, but not violence.

2) Bait and switch is tacky at best, can often result in violence, and you don't want a newbie in the first place (Coming out/self-discovery, imho, results in about 95% rate of temporary insanity of roughly a years length...not exactly prime dating material).

John B said...

My young friend is still incensed over the matter, one of his friends made a smart assed comment about the matter. He'll be lucky if the nose heals w/o rhinoplastic surgery. What Robert Heinlein called "Supplying a period".