Monday, September 27, 2010

If stupidity were a tactical advantage.

She keeps saying she wants to have a reasoned discourse.
But her reason for living is to disarm all of us and have our
dead bodies, along with the corpse of American Freedom
piled upon the grave of her murdered sister.

My friend Lawdog pretty much made a perfect analogy. Not just for the Second Amendment. For the entire Constitution. For America's Soul.

These people are the enemy. As much or more so than the religious monsters from the middle east. They employ the same principles. Lies, vilifications, and claiming the mantle of victimhood for themselves. Every one who falls victim of a firearm death is their sacred martyr.

They willfully refuse to believe that the person, rather than the means, did the murder.

This dim bint insists that guns have killed more people than any other thing in the world.
One BRAND of car has killed more people than all the guns that fought in both sides of everything since WWII.

But she wants what she wants, and she's not going to let the truth stand in her way!

She better hope I get killed in the war she will start. If I win, I will require all Americans to train on guns, and require military service or the equivalent, prior to enfranchised citizenship.

lan astaslem honey!

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