Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Like Ronald Reagan Nyah Nyah!

But he sure scared the fuck outa me while he was president.

It took Rob -The Scream- Halford, and the Double-Action guitars-man-ship of Tipton and Downing together with Ian Hill, and Dave Holland forming the group Judas Priest. Named by my Dad, "Judas Priest! I wouldn't like to see those guys in a dark alley."

It took the head-banging virtuosity of those guys to save me from my fear, The fear that my life, and the lives of all I knew, and loved, was in the hands of a poker player of unknown skill.

One slip on either side, and slightly more than 1/2 a billion people would be dead, and the face of the earth forever scarred.

Well we survived that era thanks to the resolute gamesmanship of Reagan and his advisers. He ran the ultimate scam, called "SDI or Star Wars" on the forces of the east. They spent themselves into bankruptcy, trying to 'Keep up with the Joneses'.

Now we face the foe that has threatened us since our sacred republic began. The self appointed elite. People who are convinced that the only reason that communism failed, is that they weren't running it! the people who are so afraid that the rest of the world will see them for the evil filth that they are, that they have to eviscerate their own country to try and make friends with their fellow evil scum. Not realizing that said scum will regard them as competition, or weak reflections of themselves needing to be euthenised.

To approach the topic obliquely. there is a new song that is just knocking the socks off all the right minded (those who share my view).

In a total epiphany, I realised this is a parable for our political situation.

The 'Girl I Love' is the Constitution, and all the other things which make America great, and Barry O is the slick talking weasel driving off with her/it. Making promises of wealth he can't deliver on.

Of course, it could be a delightful earworm, and I just might be crazier than shit!

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