Tuesday, September 28, 2010

At the risk of becoming tiresome - too late?

For, -oh about 48 hours after I got it- I have wanted Kel Tec to manufacture their Sub 2000 folding rifle in 7.62X25 tokarev pistol caliber.

I even have offered them their first thousand customers. Their first ten thousand beyond that, they would have to break down and add that option to their web advertising.

They have shown no interest in this.
Fuck 'em, I'll build my own.
the barrel is easy enough, I just have to borrow back my EDM machine and have a go at making a tokarev sized barrel out of a .30 caliber blank, or a kenmore washer shaft.

The pistol grips are another matter. I first contemplated casting them in aluminium. The thought of rebuilding the foundry just for a few -dozen- smegging grip assemblies was more than I could bear.

Can you say pink glock?

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