Monday, September 6, 2010

Thanks Tam

I think this isn't the first time the lovely -and deadly- Ms. Tam has both forewarned, and forearmed me. She noted the router collapsed at Roseholme Cottage. I noted a surfeit of routers at several thrift type stores. I trolled several such places and offered a dollar apiece for routers with power supply and 50 cents for ones without the wall wart. I have a couple dozen powered routers, and a disgusting lot of routers lacking the power supply. I ran around town in my bacon grease powered Jetta, and scored a shit-ton of routers, and various other tools. I don't think I spent $20.00. Plus I got three people SRSLY interested in making their own Bio-Diesel. I'd have had seven more, but they didn't think they could buy a TDI VW, build a Bio Diesel reactor, and recover their money in five years or less.

I took three routers, identical to mine, programmed them so they were identical, and have them in a drawer handy. Now I have a UPS set up to switch over to battery power if the power goes off. If the power goes off, there won't be any access to the internet.

Maybe Dial-up. I'll have to investigate who has UPS backed up internet access.

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