Thursday, September 2, 2010

lock yer guns up for chuckie! - NOT!

I keep mine on a rack above the inside closet door. I did keep a nef .410/.45LC in a jardinière by the front door but this was figured to be too accessible. Now I have it propped above the front door. people have come in, stayed for a bit, upon leaving, damn near had a heart attack at they noticed the 'friend' above the door. I just train members of my household to respect loaded weapons. Locks are for suckers. "Oh excuse me Mr. Home Invader, can you wait a minute while I unlock my gun, I'll be right with you."

Or that lovely Richard Mack on future weapons showing off the .50 Beowulf. As the baddies are hosing his car with ak-47s, he takes the upper off his ar-15, and puts the Beowulf upper on.

Oh, excuse me Mr Bad Guy, can you wait two minutes while I rummage around in my golf bag for just the right upper to shoot you with? Do you wish to be shot with a .223, maybe a new trendy 6.5 Grendel, or a 6.8 SPC? Since you're close I could probably do you a .45ACP or 9mm.

Of course I got some short barreled uppers, meant for military M4s. If you promise not to rat me out to the ATF, I could probably shoot you with one of those. I'm still waiting for a pistol lower.

Like I said, anyone fool enough to bust into my house, might get shot by anything. If they're lucky, they can get away while I'm deciding which gun to shoot them with.

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