Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On book burning!

got a handy lot of opinions and a couple of them need to stand nearby and show their snaggle teeth.

I knew a guy who burned at least a book a day for over 30 years, true they were harlequin romances, and I myself thought they aroused more bodice-ripping passion as kindling than literature. He'd bring a truck load of firewood or farm goods into town, and take a truckload of throw away books home with him.

I did sort of enjoy the ham and eggs cooked on the stove fueled by a Fabio fronted literary frolic.

Disappointingly, used book stores are on their way out, and he manages half a truck full from thrift stores and the like now. though he'll take any paper from the SEIU. He regards burning their literature as genuinely holy work.

the stores know what he's doing, and the paperback distributors manage to fill his truck a couple times once a month. He'll let me read all I want, but I can't take a book home that is w/o front cover.

This guy actually could get paid to burn books, if he played the situation properly.

so don't be horrified mr. and mrs. internet, books are being burned all the time. the millions of James Blish numbered adaptations of Star Trek episodes that are out there, my guy has probably burned 100,000 or so of them that he knows of.

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