Friday, September 10, 2010

Shut up Brad!

There's a marvelous blog, In Jennifer's Head. Apparently Brad Pitt, the celebrity, said that BP's handling of the gulf oil spill made him re-think his views of the death penalty. I have a problem with that statement, It implies that he actually thought on the matter to begin with. Rather than follow the liberal party line.

Regardless of the putative existence of thought in the Pitt cerebellum, his utterances provoked the delightful Jennifer to tell him that his opinion mattered less to her than it did to Angelina Jolie, and he could "Shut up and Dance Monkey"..

somebody likened it to asking Ted Nugent to "Shut up and sing", an admonishment given to The Dixie Chicks when they expressed shame at being from Dubya's home state.

Telling Ted Nugent to shut up is the Webster Definition for 'Exercise in Futility'. Besides "Shut up and sing" would have him, and I doubled over in laughter. Really! It's the equivalent of "Sun so hot, I froze to death!"

Tell a celebrity to STFU today!
It's the modern "Remember! Thou Art Mortal!"

Just don't be surprised if they cop Mel Brooks' History of the world and tell you, "Blow it out your ass!".

I believe the first amendment allows them to say that too!

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