Monday, September 6, 2010

well you know what I want for christmas!

    A pistol caliber carbine in 7.62X25 tokarev. -Have to make myself!

    A LeMat Pistol that takes modern rounds, 44 or 45, and 20 gauge. -Make it my own damn self.


Matt G said...

You're not the only one who wants a Tokarev round carbine.

John B said...

Yeah Matt, Looks like I'll do it myself. Keep you posted on my efforts though!

Matt G said...

Hell, I want a .357 Sig round carbine, and can't figure why they're so hard to find. Seems like they would be the berries, especially given how many people love a .357 lever gun.

John B said...

the berries indeed! Blueberries the size of golf balls. Beretta offered to custom fabricate in their CX rifle series. For almost $4000. At that price, I'll go shopping for a .505 Gibbs and ammo! Right now I'm trying to figure out exactly how to cast that plastic bit around the barrel. Then I'll cast some grips in aluminium then plastic for the Sub-2000 rifle.

The LeMat is still in the drawing board stage. Though a 20 gauge or .410 with .30 carbine chambers design speaks strongly to me.

A friend showed me their .223 revolver. They carry it with their AR-15. The skills exist! But the money can't persuade apparently.